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What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is easy to use, drug free, non-invasive, non-surgical, pain and side effect free modality used to help your body heal and repair.  

The list of benefits continues to grow! Low-level lasers are extremely safe and effective for a wide variety of health conditions.

More  importantly, there is an increasing number of athletes, scholars, and other individuals utilizing laser therapy for optimal (peak) performance, injury prevention, cognitive enhancement, and other ProActive brain and health strategies.   

  • Lasers improve how well the cell makes energy via activation of mitochondria, the energy producing machinery of your cells.
  • Improve cellular efficiency. Photons of light increase the energy available to the cell so that the cell can take on nutrients faster and get rid of waste products. This will accelerate tissue repair and cell growth.
  • Decrease inflammation and inflammatory messengers to reduce and resolve the destructive process leading to pain reduction, rapid resolution of swollen areas, and nerve sensitivity.
  • Decreases free radicals (damaging process) and improves antioxidant production
  • Improved removal of waste products from cells
  • Improved circulation and increased formation of new blood vessels to treated area. An increased delivery of oxygenated blood flow to damaged tissues accelerates tissue healing

For decades, low-level lasers have been shown to have a positive impact on the following:

  • Rapid recovery of the structural integrity of injured region
  • Muscle regeneration, collagen production, nerve repair, cartilage, and bone remodeling
  • Timely healing of sprains & strains, surgery and joint replacement
  • Analgesic: Pain Reduction. Laser Therapy has a beneficial effect on overly sensitive nerve cells.
  • Improved Nerve Function: Slow recovery of nerve functions in damaged tissue can result in numbness and impaired limbs. Laser light speeds up the process of nerve cell reconnection and increases the amplitude of action potentials to optimize muscle healing.
  • Improved brain and nervous system health
  • Close wounds quickly and reduce scar tissue.
  • Rapid repair of superficial injuries, such as wounds and ulcers

LLLT sessions can range from 5-30 minutes, with an average of approximately 15 minutes per session (per area). Dr. Paul may choose to do different areas within the same treatment.  In some cases, multiple sessions can be performed daily, with breaks in-between. Intensive therapy may be preferred and one can receive as many as 10 or more sessions in a 5-day period without side effects to maximize the therapeutic benefits of light therapy. 

The average course of treatment for an acute condition is 7 to 10 sessions.  Acute conditions usually subside quickly (swelling is reduced and there is pain relief).  Chronic conditions can be controlled with regular treatments. The effects of Low Level Laser Therapy are cumulative; therefore, expect to see improvement as you proceed through your treatment plan. 

The duration of LLLT intervention can vary significantly from person to person depending on the severity of condition/s, number of areas being treated, response to care, etc. A trial course of 10 sessions, preceded by a structural exam, is recommended at minimum for chronic conditions. This would be followed by assessment of progress and determination of future care.  Many choose to continue maintenance LLLT sessions for continued benefit.

  • Recovery from brain injury and concussion.  Research demonstrates reduced neuroinflammation, preserved brain tissue and improved cognitive function following traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (production of new brain cells).  Studies have indicated that adult neural stem cells have regenerative and reparative properties for the treatment of injuries or diseases in the central nervous system.
  • Increases growth factors for cells NGF, BDNF, IGF-1 and VEGF.  Think better memory, learning, and mood!
  • Neuroprotective- Down regulates Glial Priming, Decreases Amyloid beta burden and can restore axonal transport from Tau Hyperphosphorylation
  • Increases our body’s natural opioids to reduce chronic pain and lower dependence on prescription drugs
  • Heathier brain function = Better Immune function
  • Increases the number of mitochondria, energy generators of your cells
  • Promotes the synthesis of DNA and RNA
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Stimulates repair/ regulation of damaged cells
  • Decreases stress hormones and increases “youth” hormones like HGH
  • Switches on genes that regenerate and repair cell and DNA damage, directly opposing and reversing the aging process! (Think anti-aging)

How do I Learn More About Low-Level Laser Therapy?

ProActive Natural Medicine now offers the latest technology in low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for a range of health care needs. The addition of Erchonia’s FX 635 to our treatment options allows for more efficient neurological rehabilitation and enhanced recovery time in many cases from the conditions outlined above. If you or a loved one is struggling with any of the challenges, do not wait any longer to find relief. Call us for at (837)397-1880 to learn if LLLT or any of our other safe and effective, non-pharmaceutical interventions may be right for you.

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